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Whether you have a big family or a small family … if you have a pet, they are a major part of it!  So, we asked our followers why they are thankful for their pet this holiday season.

  Let us count the ways . . . 


lily-grace“My beautiful Tigerlily came to me at a time of transition in my life.  I had just ended a marriage of 10 years and moved into a tiny apartment with my two small children. Learning to deal with, and come to enjoy a couple quiet evenings without my children was difficult.  My Lily, always my steadfast companion, would encourage me to get out and enjoy the world. We enjoyed patio dinners, walks to the park, trail exploration and, at times a simple night in. Her gentle nudges to be pet and her desire to cuddle up into me kept me present and engaged.  Lily taunted the courtyard squirrels, zoomed in fresh snow, and continues to make me laugh each day.  She is quirky and silly. At almost 13 years of age, she now prefers the couch for sleeping, but still snags the boys stuffies with alacrity, barks fiercely for what should certainly be her share of chicken. I will always be thankful for her calming presence, her sweet nature and the joy she brought to me in a time of challenge.” -Grace & Lily


penny-and-abby“I adopted Penny almost 9 years ago, and in that time she’s been by my side through breakups, job changes, and traveled the country with me. Penny has loved my husband since the moment she met him, and 5 months ago when she met her new little human sister she immediately became her guardian. I have a feeling these two will be inseparable as she grows up. We can’t imagine life without her!” -Penny & Abby




“Don’t know how to put into words how thankful I am for Maislyn & those soulful brown eyes. Besides helping me with laundry, helping me to my feet, and happily picking up everything I dropped; Maislyn is such loving pup. She brings such joy into my life every day.  Besides being thankful, I am so proud of her! She truly is a magnificent dog.” -Julie & Maislyn




auggie-lindsay“This is August West, we call him Auggie. The list is endless of how much Auggie has changed my life for the better. I am mostly grateful for his loyalty to me even when I can be a crappy person to him, not on purpose, but because life is fast and busy. No matter how long I have been gone for the day he gives me the most genuinely passionate welcoming I could ever imagine. He runs to the door does a full twirl, tail wagging, eyes full of love. Many of those instances is just me taking the trash outside but not matter the time he shows love and gratitude towards me. He makes me a better person everyday. I could not imagine life without him! Thank you Auggie for caring about me so much!” -Auggie & Lindsay


chester“Chester The Wonder Pup, CGCA, my inspiration to find my passion, the dog that brings everyone in to love you with your gentle spirit, my greeter of all foster dogs and foster failures! You bring love and light into the world of many through your gentle spirit. You have helped many a reactive dog to know there is a better way. Much more importantly, you have seen me through happy and sad, the good and the bad, you my Wonder pup keep me centered, and we have shared so many adventures through the 5 years we have shared. There will be many more! I Love you Chester The Wonder Pup, you have more than Lived up to your NAME <3” -Chester & Maureen


sam-and-dave“A man letter to my man dog. Since the day I found Sam at a junkyard when he was only 6 months old I knew that he was the one for me. We bonded almost instantly and I quickly found out about his ball obsession. I am more thankful to have him in my life today than I have ever been. Without my Man dog Sam life wouldn’t be as fun or filled with as many smiles. We have been through so much together in the past 10 1/2 years that we are a family and nothing will break that up. My girlfriend Carolina and I live together with Sam and he is the light of our life he makes our days happier and goofier when he acts like he’s still a puppy. I’m so grateful that I’m able to bring Sam to work with me any day that I want and he has the freedom to run and do what he pleases. Sam has had many ups and downs through his life but he keeps on going and I am a proud owner of the best black dog in the world.” -Sam & Dave


boozer-and-bob“I’m thankful that Boozer is always ready and willing to go on adventures.” -Boozer & Bob






nora-and-emily“Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my companion animals. I have a cat named Nora and two dogs, Aldo, the papillon, and Aela, a border collie mix. Each of them bring different flavors of joy to my life, and each of them I somehow grow to love and appreciate more and more with each passing year. They remind me to be present and to enjoy the little things. They make me feel like no matter how stressful my day might be, there is always a wagging tail to come home to. As someone who works professionally with animals and also volunteers at a local shelter, you’d think I’d always be wanting to bring more animals home. But right now, even as much as I would love to save them all, I’m so beyond happy with my perfect little family, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.” -Nora, Aldo, Aela, & Emily


dont-quityourdaydream-5“I am eternally thankful for my Daisy every single day because…. she is my constant buddy, she listens to me, she understands my fears and joys & doesn’t think I’m nuts. She is my girl & I’m so grateful for her snuggled next to me.” -Daisy & Carolyn





explore-thedeepestwaters-2“I am thankful for Etta James, she has brought so much joy and balance to my life. I rescued her from a high kill shelter I TX, but really as we all know to be the truth, she rescued me? Happy Thanksgiving!” -Etta James & Della




“Brogan is the best lap cat but with CAT-titude. I’ve known him for 12 years and I’m thankful for his companionship and muffin making skills!” -Katie Thomas 


chester-and-ana“Chester came into my life in January 2012! We have been through a whirlwind of issues from allergies to chronic pain due to a vaccine reaction, but he always pulls through. I am so very thankful for his morning meows, his big belly that I find myself using as a pillow come 1am when he has taken over the actual pillow, his crazy personality, his playfulness at 8 years old, and most importantly I am thankful for the friendship we share. When times are tough he listens to me cry and complain, he comforts me, and during winter he keeps me warm with his snuggles. We feel lucky to have found each other. Most importantly, we are thankful for Peak Animal Wellness & Massage for keeping Chester happy, healthy, and free of pain!!” -Chester & Ana


willow-eden-and-megan“I am thankful for my girls because they are the sunshine in my day. Eden starts my day by singing to me and snuggling me in bed. Willow ends my day by presenting me with her special toys when I arrive home from work. My life has been so enriched by their caring, loving hearts! I couldn’t imagine my life without my faithful companions, Willow and Eden.” -Willow, Eden, & Megan




emily-rowdycarat-ncick-3“I am grateful for my dogs, Rowdy and Carat because they are loyal, loving and make everything more fun. My favorite activities include hiking, camping and fishing with the dogs and my husband. The dogs make all of these activities more exciting. They love sitting in the water while we fish, and curiously sniffing and wagging their tails when we catch something. It’s so fun to be able to share the outdoors with my guys, and I am the luckiest person to have such amazing dogs by my side.” -Emily, Nick, Rowdy & Carat



“We are so thankful for our sister Bella – she gives us unconditional love, friendship, spirit and endless kisses!” -Bella & Family






“I am thankful that I get to spend all day, everyday with my very best friend, Hazel. We have been through everything together- 2 states, 3 cities, 9 houses- and she has never complained!  She has always been there for me and comforted me through the hardest and happiest times. She is the most selfless and devout soul that I know, and I am grateful for her every day.” -Hazel & Marcy




“I am forever grateful for my pack.  They have taught me how to stay present, and how to enjoy the simple (and yet most important) parts of life.  They have taught me to value a good meal, to stay vocal at all times, and to thoroughly enjoy a hug.  They have taught me that family doesn’t always mean blood, that acceptance and love can move mountains, and to kick some grass over the shit and move on!” -The Pack & Claire





“We are forever thankful for Zeebo. He always motivates us to get out in nature and explore this beautiful planet. Thanks buddy for keeping our feet warm at night, and the smiles on our faces everyday. Happy Thanksgiving to all the pets and pet lovers!” -Zeebo, Whitney, & Brian





amy-sierra-irish“I am so lucky to have my two girls, Sierra and Irish, in my life. This winter, Sierra and I will have been together for 13 years! We’ve done everything and been everywhere together. The partnership we have is phenomenal- whether we’re out jumping cross country obstacles, moving around some cattle, or putting in a winning run in the show pen, we really need to believe in each other to get the job done. I trust that horse more than anything else. As for Irish, we’re getting there! My bond with her is different, but no less special. And nothing cheers me up more than the sound of her happy nicker greeting me when I walk into the barn.” -Amy, Sierra & Irish


dont-quityourdaydream-6“They calm us, they’re part of us and we can’t imagine life without them. They enrich our lives.” -Savannah & Liz

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