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Pet Therapeutic Bodywork

better your pet's quality of life

All services done in the comfort of you and your pet's own home!

Veterinary approval may be required at the discretion of PAWM practitioners. Bodywork services are not meant to be a substitute for standard veterinary care. We work closely with our client’s veterinarians in order to maintain optimal communication for your pet’s goal and care. Additional travel fee will apply for house calls outside of travel jurisdiction. $40 no-show fee may apply at practitioner's discretion.

Please note that we do not travel to the Broomfield, Westminster, or Denver area. We are so sorry!


Therapeutic massage therapy reduces muscle tension, minimizes muscle wasting, improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic circulation, promotes mental well-being and increases connection. We work on all pets ranging from senior animals, post-operative animals, and healthy/active pets.

Heated stones can be added to any therapeutic massage. Heated stone massage has been used in people for over 5,000 years. Just like many other bodywork modalities, dogs and cats may experience the same benefits that humans do including pain relief, decreasing anxiety, decreased muscle tension and released trigger points, increased joint flexibility, and natural sleep aid. In addition, heated stone massage can reduce “hands-on” work, allowing your pet a ‘break” during the session while still receiving all of the benefits. Our equipment is fully mobile (heated stone massage during house calls!), easy to clean and disinfect, and temperature controlled.

Cold laser therapy uses laser beams to create heat, and penetrate layers of tissue, stimulating tissue. Stimulating these tissues draws water, nutrients and oxygen to cells which enhances cell regeneration. Faster cell regeneration leads to optimal/faster healing of damaged cells, therefore, faster healing after injury. Benefits include increased circulation, reduction of swelling and inflammation, decrease pain and stiffness, faster wound healing. PAWM uses a Class 3B laser and requires veterinary approval.

PEMF stimulates the body’s natural cellular activity.  Different voltages (electrical potential) affect cellular function. By working with magnetic wavelengths and frequencies similar to those naturally occurring in the body and from the earth, PEMF is able to positively influence electrical potential in the cells and decrease Inflammation, increase circulation, reduce pain and promote optimal healing. Our PEMF bed is mobile (can be used in house call appointments), easy to use and disinfect.

A combination of laser and PEMF therapy; a great option for pets who do not tolerate massage therapy well.

Any of the above therapies added into one session.

A full therapeutic massage for your pet, that includes coaching on techniques and other recommendations specific for your pet’s conditions and needs.

This gas surcharge will be added to ALL of our services. We will reevaluate this surcharge quarterly. 

Pet Therapeutic Bodywork specialists Claire and Marcy pet their dogs

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