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Vet Nurse Services

All services are provided and performed by a PAWM nurse in the comfort of your own home!
Some services will require veterinary approval prior to scheduling.
Additional travel fee will apply for house calls outside of travel jurisdiction. $40 no-show fee may apply at practitioner's discretion.

Please note that we do not travel to the Broomfield, Westminster, or Denver area. We are so sorry!


Let us treat your cat to a much needed mani/pedi in the comfort of your own home. Our gentle but efficient approach leaves your kitty’s nails short. Best of all, you don’t have to do a thing.

If your long haired or senior cat tends to mat, you’re not alone! Grooming becomes less common for senior kitties due to a variety of reasons, but it can lead to painful mats. Let us come over with our cordless, quiet clipper to tend to those darn dreads!

If your pet just had surgery and needs a suture or staple removal, chances are they need some extra quiet time to heal. Avoid loading them into the car or taking them to the clinic and let us come do the work on their favorite bed or spot on the couch. 

Whether this is a monthly dewormer, injectable medication, or other – we’ve got you and your pet covered.

Fluid administration is commonly used as supportive care for pets with kidney disease, and can help them feel so much better. Understandably, a lot of pet parents want to avoid the actual administration part. We got you! We can provide you with a tutorial on how to perform this on your own, OR we can just take the job over on your behalf!

As your pet ages, or with certain medical conditions present, blood pressure readings may become a common part of their wellness plan. The stress of driving and entering a clinic can falsely elevate the reading though. Don’t let that happen! Let us work with your veterinary team by providing them with accurate readings taken in the comfort of your home. 

Coordinated with your veterinarian, we can come collect a blood sample from your pet in your home, and transport it right to your veterinary team. Your pet thanks you!

Custom nurse visit of you and your pet’s liking!

Allow us to teach you the flow of fear-free fluid therapy at home! We will provide you with all supplies needed for your first fluid therapy session, a comprehensive fluid therapy tutorial, as well as first round of fluids completed for your kitty by the end of this visit! 

Interested in Our Vet Nurse Services?

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