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marcyMy name is Marcy Allard and I am the newest team member of Peak Animal Wellness and Massage. I thought I would take a couple of minutes to introduce myself, explain why I chose to pursue a career in canine massage with Peak Animal Wellness.

It all started on during one of me and Claire’s early Thursday morning hikes up Sanitas Ridge in Boulder. As veterinary technicians, we cherish this time together to chat about our jobs- cases we have encountered, practices we have adopted, new skills we have learned. We also took this time to really dive into our career goals, discuss our respective plans for the future and take the chance to compare what aspects of our job we personally found crucial and important. During these talks, we discovered that we had many of the same goals and aspirations. For example, as a veterinary technician, the three objectives I am constantly reaching toward are to:

1. Provide each animal with highest level of compassion, attention and care and treat each companion as they were my own.

2. Continually strive to enhance the bond between guardians and their companions.

3. Encourage comfort and open conversation between the companion, guardian and veterinary staff so all parties involved are working toward the same goal.

marcy and claireI started learning more and more about canine massage from Claire and the benefits massage has to offer to our canine companions. Just learning about the physical, mental and emotional support massage can bring to a being , human or canine, was so interesting, inspiring and eye-opening. With each discussion, it became clearer what my next big step in life would be- pursue canine massage as a complimentary modality and continue my work with animals always striving to provide the utmost care, service and compassion.

As I enter my last weeks of clinical practice to complete my certification for the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage, I am becoming more aware of the skills and knowledge I have to offer guardians and their companions. I am also overwhelmed with excitement to share this journey and grow with Peak Animal Wellness and Massage! As with any growing business, new energy is always positive- it brings fresh ideas and individuality to light and I can’t wait to get started!

Marcy Allard, CVT

Marcy is available for house call canine massage sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, or by appointment.  For further information, contact Marcy at [email protected] or call at 518-577-7726.




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