CBD – 250MG Colorado SUN DROPS – Unflavored


Colorado Sun Hemp Pet Care Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil hemp extract. Organically grown in Colorado.



Colorado Sun products are made right here, in Colorado, from high quality, organic ingredients. This hemp oil can be used in dogs, cats and other pets.

If your pet is experiencing discomfort or pain from stiffness, arthritis, or hip/elbow dysplasia, and you want a safe, natural remedy to help them feel comfortable, hemp oil could be just what you need! If you have a pet that suffers from stress, anxiety or fear, help calm them with Colorado Sun hemp drops.

Unflavored Hemp Oil – 250MG
30ml Bottle – 8.3 mg per ml

Full dropper = 7.5MG
6-7 drops = 1MG
1/2 of a dropper = 3.75MG

Recommended Use

  • 1 MG for every 10 lbs of your beloved pet
  • If you do not see positive results within 1/2 – 1 hour, don’t hesitate to increase the amount given; you do not need to worry about giving too much, and sometimes higher amounts are needed based on the severity of your animal’s issues


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